our changing world

That was the name of one of the text books I had back in the 60s, you know the one where everyone was well off, happy and white and nothing ever changed?

So far this week,

Abebooks bought Chrislands, as much as it is a sweatheart deal for the owners of Chrislands, a service which provides preformatted yet stand alone websites for booksellers who wanted to escape the tyranny of the three A’s, it pretty much acknowledges that there is really no safety in numbers. All parties are swearing on a stack of bibles that nothing will change, which assures me that someone is lying. All things change.

eBay has started throwing their weight around down under, by mandating that Paypal and only Paypal is valid currency on eBay Australia. Obviously a blatant preemptive strike towards world dominance. I can’t wait to see how that plays in the big city.

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