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Today is better than yesterday…that’s always good right? I have an appt next week with Lawyer #9…someone who knew my mother and stepfather so i name dropped them in the voice mail. They also do a lot of real estate, he may be interested because he knows the house. So i have that going for me. I guess i have passed the frustration phase, at this point i don’t really care. Like all the other times in my life, i guess i have to fend for myself and not expect anyone to stand up for me, even when i offer to pay them. fuck em.

IMG_8026Even the voices are bored…one of them is sulking under the covers and the other one is doing some angry cleaning in the corners of my head. Tucked into all the corners are undone projects, unpaid bills, things i have been meaning to do and people i owe money to. I started LIST making…which can be problematic…Normal folks make a list to get a handle the scope of their problems, once i line all my problems up on a list, i just get more depressed…i am sure if look around the house i can find blank notebooks with a couple of pages of LIST items and then nothing else, because never opening the notebook again is a way of forgetting what’s on the list.

Actually i made a number of lists…i had been trying several different iphone apps over the years looking for the ideal shopping list… and i am still basically using a text file i can access from all different devices. the other day i found one i REALLY like..so far. OUTOFMILK.COM which on the surface i thought was REemember the Milk which is an app i particularly loathe, for  its inefficiency…but Out Of Milk turned out to be quite flexible and useful in a lot of ways. I set up some grocery shopping, and some TO DO items…and a couple of lists pertaining to the new house… a list of stuff i have already researched, a list of shit i want to buy the day i get that check..things on that list are like underwear and shoes, not just the truck.


While I was making those lists i started making Sicpress lists….i found that this iphone APP will sync with the online website and then sync with my Kindle Fire which runs Android… a hat trick i haven’t found available with other list making apps.  It also uses the barcode scanner on the Iphone to quickly add products something i REALLY like to do.

This led me down another path, i had tried a few apps for inventory control but gave up, it was just as easy to scribble notes on a piece of paper…  However I have been wanting to create internal BARCODES for my own inventory…and there are a lot of online BARCODE creators…the trick with creating your own barcode and scanning it….is that the APP is going to need a point of reference.   OUT OF MILK allows you to edit and thus REASSIGN a barcode.

barcodegeneratorI had been using Barcode Generator.org to create QR codes but it also creates ISBNs and UPC and such.   You enter the number you want and once it creates the code, you save the .PNG image file.

Pretty simple…i took the SKU that Woocommerce had automatically created for my products on sicpress.com  and made barcode images for a couple of the products.  Then scanned the code into OUT OF MILK with the iphone and then changed whatever text that comes up with descriptions of my products.  OUT OF MILK has a PANTRY section besides a shopping list and to do list sections.   I put a list of Products in that section so i can take inventory easily….right now my store room is in the basement, hopefully in the new house it will be on the  1st floor, but it could end up nearly anywhere.

barcodegenerator4 (1)barcodegenerator4 (2)I Printed the barcodes onto labels…and then put the labels on the plastic jars I have started storing my products in.  These clear plastic square jars are from walmart…small ones are 1.97 large ones are 2.97…its easy to see what i have for stock on knives, erasers, document cleaning pads etc…and it keeps the dust off them.  besides that i like the SQUARE jars way better than anything round, they line up nicely on the shelf.

I will have to make a point of getting a few cases of these jars when i sell the house…the nearest walmart is 26 miles from Greenfield and for some reason they don’t ship these jars.  I also use them in the kitchen for noodles and such…hmm… perhaps i should barcode the pasta?   yeah i need to get a life…




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