out of the box

How did it get to be Tuesday? I distinctly remember being glued to this machine but I just looked up and realized that a few days have passed and I still feel like I didn’t get anything done. I know I did get things done…..i DID pack and ship orders, (including some book orders…..don’t that beat all?) I got some floors washed, trapped a very pregnant cat who is now in my bathroom, and worked 2 back to back adoption events and mondays spay clinic – where i finally got the little rescued dog fix and started writing a new book with a friend. How come I feel so far behind with the rest of the world?

One of the things I finally got around this weekend to was setting up this shelf. I have bemoaned on many occasions that unless you know what you are looking for, the internet is bloody useless. Only by fondling and tasting a book do you really know you want it. The rescue group has a cache of donated ‘CAT and Dog’ books…(no not books for pets to read, books about pets you goober.) But selling them online for donations is slow, and we stage very few appropriate events – so I worked out a deal with a vet to let us set up a shelf with our books, the customer makes a donation, and gets a book, the rescue group gets the money, everyone goes home happy. Mind you some vets may well want a cut for ‘renting’ the space and certainly don’t want to be responsible for anything that goes walk about, (I only left the books under $5 – so anything stolen isn’t any big deal..it’s all for charity right?) but it is certainly some out of the box thinking if I do say so myself. It will be nice to glean a few donation dollars but it’s much more better to have the damn things out of the boxes in my living room. eh?

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