This is what pornography looks like to me. clean compact no extraneous anything. I cruise through some tiny house blogs and efficient living blogs like some people look at naked people. Since I had to break up my mother and my ersatz grandmother’s households I have sworn off cluttered living – don’t get me wrong NEITHER of those women collected things in any way that assisted the economy over the hump. My fake grandmother was positively minimalist and my mother tended to squirrel things away where they couldn’t been seen. Indeed i have been blogging a lot lately about purchases i have made..but seriously if i had to think long and hard enough to write a post about buying a freaking flashlight you can be sure i am not buying 4 other ones that i didn’t post about. I am trying to be most careful with new purchases and trying to pitch or give away more things than i acquire. When it gets right down to books I get flumoxed. I am one of those american’s with BOOKs, we seem to be a dwindling number.

I have been collecting them since i was a child and have considered myself a professional bookseller for the last 30 years so i do have more than most. Not as many as most booksellers though, my life has gone through phases where i will sell of books in large quantities and then start collecting again. But regardless of how careful i am only to bring in what i want to read or sell, they still sneak in over the transom and under the carpet and find their way onto shelves. Over the years I have had to institute more of my ‘rules’ all books have to be on shelves and not double stacked. IF i can replace it with the internet i don’t need it – hence no dictionaries or phone books. If i can get it at the local library i don’t need it – there went my back list titles of Carl Sagan and Barbara Tuchman etc…So nearly everything in the house was hard to come by. Never the less there are many i don’t have any affection for any longer. Over the years I have gotten rid of many collections, usually en masse, breaking it into salable or donatable chunks – once a collection is GONE, i don’t feel the urge to buy another book to add to it. But still there are ‘collections’ i am not yet ready to part with. I need to work up to it. I decided to break one of my rules…I cleared three shelves today of cookbooks today..and broke it into chunks…one small chuck i am ready to sell to a friend, a small chunk is getting donated (the inexpensive books) and the larger portion I am packing in a box and putting into storage. One of the reason i feel my house is cluttered is i don’t believe in storage. If things are in storage and you don’t access them regularly you don’t need them. (that doesn’t explain the thousands of self storage companies in the country) But if i am to achieve my uncluttered goals I need to start getting used to empty shelves. I figure outasight outamind….if i put the books my brain thinks i need to get rid of somewhere i can’t see them, perhaps i will be able to cut the cord and make the box go away. Who knows…if this works, perhaps i can make a habit out of it. Boxing shit up and hiding it…then perhaps i can forget where i stored it

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