2014-04-28 10.18.09As much as I hate moving, this entire interim moving shit is somewhat worse. I had been dreading bringing all my work ‘stuff’ into my apartment…hell if i had room for it IN My apartment, it would BE here already. Since I had already emptied all my bookcases what in like September? I brought up what i have left for products, and stowed them in the bedroom. meanwhile i am still hemming and hawing about reversing my bedroom with my office…which i will do in the end..i have to .  In order to set up a packing area and store cardboard and bubble wrap i need a room with a cat proof door…right now the only door that qualifies is the bathroom.   But i can add a latch to the pathetic ‘door’ like object i have been living with – but then i will have to add shades to the room that is the office in order to make it sleepable…and so on and so forth.

2014-04-28 17.14.05I have made up my mind to surrender some of my dearest possessions…some industrial shelving i once acquired merely because i was there and i had a truck. It has served me well for over 20 years. If i were to move straight to maine i would have broken it down and moved it in one swoop. but if i have to break it down and move it only to move it yet again and then yet again…i can’t deal with that…this stuff is not light.   It’s the stuff they put pallets of stuff on. So i have offered it to a friend. Mind you its still not EMPTY empty… there’s still MORE stuff i have to find room for in my apartment. I am at least going to offer to abandon the small garage…though my porch will end up stuffed to the gills. I have even made up my mind to give up all my gardening tools etc… though i haven’t gardened for decades… i don’t need THOSE tools in particular, i can buy new ones. Even once i buy a house, it will take a year after that before i need yard tools.

I have to examine EVERYTHING in a new light…is it worth putting in storage? how much space does it take up and how much does it cost to replace it? So, bang –  a number of things went up on freecycle this weekend and now i have some crap on Craigslist, including my childhood bed…twin brass bed… never liked it..the pillows always snuck through the rails when i tried to read and it made too much noise, it is certainly  not big enough for at least 4 cats and a chihuahua.

Himself had a  big dumpster delivered- kinda shocking! i really didn’t think he was going to shell out the money for it. I really didn’t. But I did get the guy’s card, I can guess that he was the cheapest choice in the book, and i know people who can use that service.  There’s still a bucket of stuff in the basement that needs to be put in the dumpster.   Throwing true trash away makes me feel much more productive than playing musical storage with my own stuff.   As much as i will resent it, i will have to spend my money to fix the screen porch…if i can get the cats out of my living areas for the summer, anything i bring in will have a better survival.  I can say they are NOT destructive, but in close quarters they are…how can they not be?  cardboard makes an idea cat bed, and scratching post in one.  It’s not their fault humans use the stuff for absolutely everything.    I seriously wish i had some cash to spend, i would be buying plastic  storage boxes by the case, they can sleep on those all they want and what’s inside is protected.  The only defense i have is to keep reducing the stuff i own until i can suitably protect it all.

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