It’s midnight and i juat finished
Working for the day. I have 4 jobs and usually i dont have to do them all in one day. But i DID have two or three Redbulls and a few headache pills, so i was whirling like a leaf in a drain.
Looks like tomorrow will be more ofvthe same, sold and shipped a few items on ebay, filled a few general orders, i reslly should do more of that sort of thing, but i kinda suck at business…. 30 years in and i finally admit it out loud.
I feel better when folgs just pay me to do stuff, heck one of my jobs i am basically be paid for advice and another one i am paid to someone else’s mistakes…. That kind of easy money is ever so much more satisfying that that which i have to earn a nickle at a time.
More of the former if you please.


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