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I finally asked around outloud…and a friend of mine who has access to such things is going to help me out by cutting this in pieces….let me explain… years ago i had my oven disconnected. I just didn’t like the idea of a gas pilot burning night and day on an oven i don’t use. And the reason i wasn’t using it, is that i just didn’t like the idea of heating up the entire oven, to cook what is usually a loaf pan’s worth of food. I do miss the burners like mad…but i have found the electric burner is workable…back to the pan…. the oven i use is a counter top model which is pretty big on the inside, i can bake bread and cook chickens etc.. not so small as a toaster oven…but not so large as a real one. In fact no pan can be any wider that 12″ …which excludes a LOT of pans. I have carefully collected a selection of smallish cooking pans over the years…but the Giant or Texas muffin pan has escaped me. For the most part they are 14 inches or more wide.

In the past i tried cutting a pan myself and ended up with a mangle mess. You can cut flimsy aluminum with tin snips..but because of the rolled edges and the tight space between the divots it tends to not stay in the original form. What I really wanted is a steel pan with the reinforced muffin divots. Ray said he’d take a stab at his machine shop, so i quickly ordered two of the Wilton pans, the King sized and the Giant Sized…this should give him one to muck up for the first try. They will arrive on Monday…

I want to say they are my first Birthday presents to myself this year.but that’s probably not true. I know i have bought stuff frivolously this week… extra Christmas presents for a friend, a handful of Kindle publications, take away foodstuffs….usually i start buying myself birthday presents after Thanksgiving and stop somewhere in January. Very self indulgent i know. But I REALLY want these pans…i have PLANS. I have plans for meat pies and cupcakes, cheese cakes and meatloaves…

It occurred to me that other people are probably looking for these in a small width as well. I wish I was clever enough to exploit this kind of niche market by cutting them and selling them on ebay or something.


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