papa don't preach

‘All good books have one thing in common – they are truer than if they had really happened.” – Ernest Hemingway

Good news Everyone!* Papa will soon be on audio for everyone! i’ll alert the media. Now as much as I respect him, I’ve read him, I admire his work….but does anyone really really think Hemingway is THE man for the 21st century? All that manly swagger, all the shotguns and penis measuring – personally I think we have enough of that codswallop running thru the streets – doncha think?

The wiki people have put an end to an elaborate wikipedia hoax regarding a fictional socialist revolutionary and supposed friend of Ernest Hemingway. How come I never hear about this stuff until things like this are over?

BTW I found this interesting review of Dear Papa, Dear Hotch: The Correspondence of Ernest Hemingway and A. E. Hotchner.

also worth the Read: Homer, Hemingway, and the Palm Pilot: The Changing Business of Books Peter Osnos, The Century Foundation, 2/9/2006

“God knows people who are paid to have attitudes toward things, professional critics, make me sick; camp following eunuchs of literature. They won’t even whore. They’re all virtuous and sterile. And how well meaning and high minded. But they’re all camp followers. ” –
Ernest Hemingway

one book:Chicago is gonna read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich together. Ain’t that sweet?

naughty: Strindberg‘s Jealousy’s Night was stolen by three men from a museum in central Stockholm on Wednesday.

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