paper paper everywhere and not a drop to drink

In between visiting herself (who is doing fine by the way, the pin implants were minor surgery, so she’s doing good) I am still doing year end house keeping. Which basically translates to shifting all these piles of crap under my desk that have been collecting dust all year.

Aside from books that need getting gone, there is paper – piles o’paper, reams o’paper: receipts, order printouts, catalogs, invoices, etc etc etc.. Remember back when they promised us a ‘paperless’ society? [ROLF LMAO] yeah right…IMHO computers have actually generated more paper than they ever saved – at least mine does. Part of my 2008 new leaf turning, is to cut down on paper waste.

Speaking of which: I get seriously annoyed when every other stupid ebay or amazon order ends up with 2 lines printing on an otherwise blank page. For the past few years I have been using Fineprint software which is a printer driver that allows me to print 2,4, or 8 pages on one sheet of paper. I bought I when it was cheaper, but if you add up all the reams of paper I save by printing an order on ONE sheet instead of 5, it certainly pays for itself quickly.

As for the F word – F is for filing, I have grown very lazy. Unless you devote TIME to its maintenance a filing cabinet is just a vertical junk drawer, out of sight out of mind. I found that if I digitize everything I may want to reference: receipts, correspondence, bills, any customer snail mail that comes in. I can just pull it out of the computer a hell of a lot faster then finding the hard copy. Takes up less space too. I scan the document in as a PDF, then save it in a folder with the relevant label. The paper copies go into boxes and then into the basement in case of audit or flood which ever comes first(the priority flat rate shoe boxes are puuuurfect for this.)

And I know I have mentioned it before but I LOVE my online fax service ( I went for years without a fax, because I didn’t want the expense, then I got rid of the land line and couldn’t have one anyway. For about the price of a fax machine and all the trimmings, I can receive and send faxes as PDFs (also easily filable inside my harddrive) I use the fax almost exclusively to correspond with vendors, these days when almost everyone you deal with is from a different time zone, it’s wicked nice to just SEND the fax regardless of the time of day. The best part is I can search my sent faxes in case I have a senior moment and only THOUGHT I had sent a fax instead of actually sending it. Then I can resend it with the click or two. Cool huh? yeah but then remember I am easily amused.

And combining the two, to inaugurate 2008 I faxed any vendors that still insist on MAILING me a receipt and asked them to send it via fax, I’d only have to scan it into a PDF anyway, and you know how lazy I am.

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