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now THERE’S a title…if i could run that into a book , i’d make a chunk of change.  Perhaps i will.   2013 is looming on the horizon like some sea monster on a map with its mouth open ready to swallow my jonah ass.

Since my income dropped drastically last summer..and i mean drastically like a cannon ball off the chrysler building…. i have been living so scaled back i have to check the couch cushions before i leave the house.   I KNOW what i need to pay my bills comfortably and leave me a little left over to feed the cats and keep the fridge stocked.  It isn’t much in the greater scheme of things. $1000 a month could do JUST that and no more.  Now that’s clear and free over what i have to shell out for products to resell…that’s where life gets complicated..people buy products and i have to save up and buy more products…it’s a vicious circle.  And that’s obviously not including the vast amounts that i owe the utility companies and other various bills that mock me every week.  So basically like the rest of america i am kinda fucked.

I did so well with last year’s goal of divesting..well i think i did okay..i’m declaring it so…that I am going to try another one.  In 2013 I am going to try to beef up my passive income.

Passive income is the  money that comes in with me having to pack and ship and rebuy products and process each individual order etc… I am still going to keep printing books to sell locally and buying products to sell online..but I want that OTHER money to be more than just the pennies that drip through the keyhole.   Passive money is what comes in when Amazon sells a copy of one of the books i published or wrote…passive  money is what comes in from Cafepress for designs I uploaded.  Passive money will be what comes in from digital publications..i am thinking up other possible avenues…i think i will pay a call on Zazzle and send some designs that way.  Basically anything I can set up ONCE and that costs me nothing to earn coin.

Now i know i won’t get to 1000 a month using this nickle and dime stuff overnight…but like the divesting..if i do it steadily for a year it will just turn into a habit.

I pulled up all the passive sales I made from 2012, and was surprised at the number of transactions…the money is VERY low.  .60 cents on a .99 cents sale takes a while to accumulate..and the cafepress stuff averages about  1.50 per sale.   But it is all encouraging that I am making ANY money passively.  I just need to do MORE of it…at least that’s my plan and I am sticking to it.

Today’s chore is to rewrite the Finding Money Book I put together 3 years ago…reading it now I am terribly embarrassed it does have a lot of redundancy and it could have been much improved. But I do remember it being a quick experiment to understand how the Kindle Publishing process worked even though i linked it to a paper copy.   I actually couldn’t find my original file for it and had to recreate it from a pdf download.   So i took it apart down to the bones and putting it back together as a second edition and I will send it to smashwords and reupload it back on Kindle and Createspace.  I do like the cover, though i will have to do SOMETHING to indicate it’s a new edition.

Before I start too many new projects from scratch, i am still pulling projects like this out of my computer and dusting them off.  I had a Bibliophile glossary I produced for a pda device about 6 years ago and I am dusting that off too.   After I do a few of these which won’t earn me much, I will tackle something larger and more complicated.





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