paying paul

started writing this a few times…but i have been glued to this machine for a few days…and i mean glued..i found a shortcut for formatting books from OCR’d files…and i have pushed through a couple of books and started working on some others. no one’s buying them..but i have hope.

I ordered a whole bunch for this weekend’s civil war event in the park in Lawrence, whatever is leftover will go towards filling the order for the library which they have already paid for. i still have to order more books, but i need some money to do that hope that these sales will earn enough to place that order. of course it would be easier if i had more outside income..but alas i don’t. i hadn’t realized that when my friend from andover stopped calling..i was no longer going to get her editing jobs. i have a couple of potential editing jobs but i suck at there’s a good chance i will do them on the cheap. yes i know i’m stupid.

On the bright side ..i played hardball with a company that wants to carry one of my products and i think i will come out ahead for once. I did have to call an acquaintance to get advice, but i think i am happy with the deal..i will be happier once they start ordering again prepaid instead of waiting for 30+ days for the money. i’s rude and unfair but HEY i have to prepay for my orders, so they can suck it up. they are a big corp, i’m a small fish. and i don’t need their business if it will loose me money..yeah i know 50 years in and i grow a pair.

i’ve got em and i use them quite a lot, just not in BUSINESS where it would do me some good.  I have been really pushing the city around…i have been begging for a crosswalk for 4 months now…a crosswalk…PAINT..PAINT ON THE GROUND..and i still have no crosswalk.  …i was asked a third time to run for city counsel… i would be the 1st city counselor with no utilities and living in a cardboard box.  but the conclusion that i came to, is that i’d rather move to a town that gave a would be cheaper and less stressful.

Tonight I am hitting the historical committee meeting…the mayor’s office won’t nominate me to the group because i have been naughty…well fuck em..i can still give them grief.

They still have’t done anything to save this bridge nor the porticoes for the railroad depot and i’d like to know why.

of course you realize that i realize that both will be lost…Methuen just doesn’t DO that sort of thing..they really prefer to whine and bitch and say ‘wurrah, wurrah’.   i think i was happier when i was trying to fix things.

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