Here’s an example of one of the many things you can do with peg board, as i am discovering.  If you get it cut to fit at the store, pegboard solves a number of problems, and i am especially pleased with this one. For $15 bucks total,  I bought three white medium density fiberboard cabinets at a yard sale a few months ago.  of course they didn’t have backs or even a counter tops for that matter.. …so i immediately took all the measurements and stopped at Home Depot or Lowe’s on the way home. (i always carry a tape measure don’t you?) Where I had the tops and backs cut; white laminated MDF shelving for the top and white painted pegboard for the backs.   I secured the tops with liquid nail and  3m poster putty and the backs I screwed on…..pegboard needs no pilot holes.

One cabinet contains some tools and fasteners and I ran the charge cord for the cordless drill through the back of the cabinet by enlarging the pegboard hole. And voila.. the drill is always charged and stored with the screws and drill bits.   Another one is my liquor cabinet and the third larger one is a food pantry..kinda empty now.

I always seem to have strips of pegboard leftover from the cutting process…so I installed some on the back of the kitchen door.  Items that come from the hardware store in packaging get hung on the back of the door the same as it was in the store.  Other items get a little assistance from binder clips and shower curtain hooks.

One of the projects on my to do list today besides pack orders, do laundry, clean litter boxes ….is to put more pegboard inside the closet to hang heavier items.

My next goal is to add some pegboard to the closet wall at the animal clinic.


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