People are NOT my favorite animals

. . . .can’t you tell? For 15 years I have been working with a rescue group in my neck of the woods – one of the sides benefits is that I don’t have to worry about whether MY cats get food and meds. Yesterday some rocket scientist left two mother cats and their kittens outside of one of the local animal control office. (not a shelter – just an office.) in 2 sealed boxes without airholes just like they were trash. She never even knocked on the door to see if there was anyone present and yes we do have coyotes here. Thankfully the ACO turned up about 2 hours later and rescued the animals. My group the ARMV has them now. We are entering the 2nd really big kitten season and just about all of us have at least one mama with kittens in residence. You can seem most of them on the ARMV blog.

Amidst all the litter scooping and feedings I did managed to nip out to a book shop to do some scouting . . . and scored some nice tomes which I will deliver to another dealer tomorrow. SEE? I do sell some books from time to time.

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