persistence n'umbrage contest

yeah i know i have NO life . . . seriously who the hell else makes tiny videos of things getting erased off paper? anyway, a while back i had asked Sanford for a few samples of their new eraser and was rebuffed. The ‘consumer affairs’ email address yielded a reply that was kinda rude and offputting, basically it said if I wanted to ask for handouts i needed to prove I was non-profit, well ask anyone, I haven’t made a profit in years, but I wasn’t looking for a handout. As vacuum packed as my life is, I wrote and mailed a letter asking why they would be so niggardly as to begrudge a few promotional erasers to what would basically be their ‘fan base.’ And today I got a letter of apology and 3 erasers and 2 pens – Hooah.(sic) I guess that’s one of the good things about an email based society – when you actually take the time to write a letter, people pay attention.

So kiddies, we have 3 Sanford White Pearl erasers to give away. (keeping the pens – they match my Moleskine) to the first 3 commenters who . . . . write an eraser haiku or couplet or poem – I don’t care something that rhymes. “Ode to my Grecian eraser . .”, “Oh how I love thee let me erase away . . .” “There once was an Eraser from Boston . . .” whatever – I’m easy – or at least that’s what I wrote in my year book.

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