personal archeology

this is some of the stuff i put in the KEEP box.

i was a strange child, i have about 5 notebooks full of all the stuff you can find on the internet now, i used to record all kinds of bizarre facts and figures, once i wrote them down i remembered them for bloody ever….another thing I used to do was type out all those childhood rhymes….these are some of the more politically correct ones:

Here ya go…8th grade yearbook. these i am keeping – we were grunge back in 1976 and we didn’t even know it.

6th grade report card…i can’t believe i have them all the way back to 1st grade…i must have confiscated them from my mother…she was shit for saving things. I don’t know why i saved them either…must be an insecurity thing. if you read it you will find that the unsatisfactories are generally about playing well with others and respecting authority…nuns were big on those things…what can i say? misanthropes are made not born.

I know i have more name tags somewhere…i accumulated a lot in 46 years. I even have those signs they put on your cubical…they must be in another box. that’s my Star Trek Academy graduation ring…i wanted it more than my HS ring…and that’s Marion’s bridge, it was leftover when they took her body away..and i just can’t bring myself to toss it. Is a bridge a body part?

stay tuned i still have the shovel out….i think i found the AKC registration for a dog that died in 1980.

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