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Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. Zora Neale Hurston

Here’s an interesting Interview with Lucy Anne Hurston, who has written a book on her aunt Zora Neale Hurston, directed plays based on her works, and produced a documentary about her. I could make a nasty aside about squeezing every last bit out of a famouse relative’s coat tails…but if not her then WHO? It wasn’t that long ago I had never even heard of Zora Neale Hurston, now she’s one of my personal heroes. I wonder what other authors still lie unresurrected?

obits worth reading – Reclusive writer Octavia Butler, 58 died after falling and striking her head Friday on a walkway outside her home in Seattle.

deep pockets – Google is funding research into video matching technology that will enable searches within digitized historical documents. They are picking up the tab for about a dozen researchers at three institutions to index scanned handwritten documents such as the 304,000 in the LOC’s Geo Washington collection.

Op-Ed – NPR’s Bill Marx has a nice piece Smart Equals Dumb about Steven Johnson’s book Everything Bad is Good for You, in which he argues that mass entertainment is making us smarter, is just an excuse for an even worse culture to come.

super shopping – : 30,000 people and sold more than 225,000 books.

drawing a crowdNY Comic-Con was so popular that the dangerously pissing off hoards of angry comic fans. Those that got in, like the New York Times reporter had a heck of a time.

mingya manga The explosion in Manga comics seems to be benefiting the Big box bookstores more than the comic shops, which is ironic since THEY are responsible for their initial popularity. I have a suspicion, Manga are very ppular with girls and comic shops are very Y-chromo zones. The Baltimore sun explains Manga for those who don’t speak y-gen. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on all the well-known authors who are now writing superhero tales for comic books: Brad Meltzer, Orson Scott Card, Denise Mina. See? This comes as no surprise to me, once someone has proven they can get people to trade money for ink on paper in large amounts, basically they could write Bazooka Joe Cartoons and their agents would just smile and nod and cash the checks. Speaking of comics, I found a site of scheduled Comic Cons for those who like the books with staples. Sorry, I had nothing on that one.

leftover reviewHow the Homosexuals Saved Civilization : The Time and Heroic Story of How Gay Men Shaped the Modern World – Cathy Crimmins

blatant bullpen promotion:
There once was a Boston dj named Charles Laquidara, who had a morning show from 1969 – 2000. When Howard was shooting up the charts the suits gave him Charles’s time slot. In the end Chuck did what we all wish we could do, he said ‘SEE YA, wouldn’t wanna BE YA’ and moved to Hawaii. Very recently one of the Boston stations who is trying to get cool, hired Chuck to do a one hour morning show playing classic rock. I sent him some critical fan emails, which he answered enthusiastically. I may never wash my monitor again! and amidst the email exchange he asked for my number not in that way. Charles always kicks off his show with a mildly prank phone call. (YOU should have heard the stuff he and Billy West were doing in the 80s!) So I completely expected and got a phone call and when I saw 808 on caller-id I said ‘Hi, Charles”. With surprise ruined he then proceeded to ask me about THIS B
LOG, which he likes by the way. you knew there was a POINT to my story. So tomorrow at 9.00AM EST on 92.9FM you will hear your’s truly squeaky- ass voice speed talking to Boston’s Greatest Disc Jockey. Gawd, the things I do for this blog!!!.

I am tentatively penciled in to pop by the Vermont Book Fair March 26th. Stay tuned.


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