petty annoyances

You know what really burns a bookseller’s ass? Doing all the work and all the research that a PROFESSIONAL bookseller does and then having some lazy, dickless, eBay schmuck profit from your labor.

This description for the book OUR FOOTPRINTS ARE EVERYWHERE

“Exceptionally detailed maps (many full page) and b/w photos throughout. This book is an important historical document, representing the first steps toward the creation of the Inuit-owned and governed lands known as Nunatsiavut (Northern Labrador). It presents the initial documentation of Inuit land use and occupancy in Labrador, in support of the Labrador Inuit land claim. This followed the August 1973 announcement that Canada would negotiate the claims of aboriginal peoples whose title to land had never been formally dealt with. The Labrador Inuit Assoc. was formed in fall 1973 and in 1975 entered into an agreement with the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs to provide factual information that would support a claim. Although a land claim was first submitted in 1977, negotiations did not truly begin until 1988, with an agreement signed in 2001. Ratification of the agreement was completed in 2005, which finally gave the Labrador Inuit full control of Nunatsiavut, an area of 28,000 square miles.”

was written by a founding Bullpen member and was stolen by Ebay seller Petersburg for use on his own Ebay Listing. I say Ye, Petersburg are a thief and an asshole. May you burn for it.
So say we all.

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