phantom address

. . . like my life needs any more surprises. . . .

You see what I see right? ONE address on my paypal account.

Well when I talked to Paypal, there were TWO addresses on my account. It took several days and some hold times, for them to admit, wonder upon wonder….that THEY made a mistake…or well eBay made a mistake … isn’t that the same thing?

If you used eBay to EVER sent anyone ANYTHING who wasn’t you, you may have phantom addresses on your ebay/paypal account, you should check, go ahead, I’ll wait.

And you really wouldn’t know anything about these mystery addresses until you order something and it doesn’t show up. You contact the seller and are presented with tracking documentation that they item your ordered speedily went to someone else’s house. And as we know from the USPS’s own policy, if someone sends’ you something unbidden, it is yours to keep – no payment required.

So at this very moment in time, I am down 40 erasers, 1 power plug for a camcorder and a bento box. I guess I should be grateful I didn’t make presents of anything more tangible.

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