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i taught my phone two more tricks…still not enough tricks to justify its expense… to justify the cost of such a phone, it needs to do tricks that bring in funds or save money equal to the expense. And these have to be tricks that can’t be accomplished using a piece of paper and a pencil…so so much for todays tricks breaking even…but never the less.

Unfuck your Habitat is a Tumbler blog …i just don’t GRASP tumbler..even though i have a tumbler, i don’t get it.  regardless they also have an iphone app.  for 1.99 i get rude inspiration to clean my pigs sty.  This first rendition has random suggestions for what to clean next, it lets you make your own list as well,  and a stop watch to time your tasks.  Probably nothing one couldn’t do with a paper, pencil and an egg timer. but it’s more fun this way.

I still have a string of corners of my habitat that need unfucking….i have actually bungee corded the office cupboard closed (cats you know) until i get around to cleaning it out.

Another trick i actually taught MYSELF this morning….before you go to the store take images of all the things i need to replace. Then as i go through the images at the store, delete the image after i put the item in the cart. Now MIND you i already have few different apps that make that easier….hell just a straight up note or an email will let me do that..or i should scribble everything down on paper or on my hand. But those take TIME and you have to remember to write things down when you think ot if, i did like a particular shopping app, but the new grocery store has internet blocking..yeah i KNOW.. anyway this photo list worked great today. i only bought stuff i had images of..well almost only..and i did have a few things left that i didn’t get to buy…but it was quick and dirty..and i don’t take 5 steps without my phone, so there is no forgetting my list at home….


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