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I am trying to get this damn phone to pay for itself. And i will damn it…i have only had it in my name for 2 weeks and i already have the 1st bill and maxed out the download usage…i think i had misjudged my addiction. So, for the next two weeks, we are on an experiment to see if i can curtail my abuse. I have unpaid for books farmed out to three different locations, and i want to keep track of what i actually have in house. My goal is to have at least 6-10 copies in house of each title for September. Like I said, that’s when the church and craft fair season…for the local titles, i think i can sell as many as i have on hand..which will let me buy more..but we gotta get there.

Inventory Scanner, which is free by the way…so far works quite well. When picking apps I am very very careful to avoid proprietary software or ones that can’t export your data for use other places. This one lets you download your inventory in a spreadsheet form, which i can’t tell you how delightful that is. The IPhone scans the barcode and you have a choice of having it increment or decrement immediately or just open the record for your alteration. I EXPECT it to be of more use. It did take me a few days to figure out how to do the multiple locations..basically i set them up as separate inventories using the same product database. It also records wholesale and retail prices..used to be i could remember all those things.

Between the inventory and the Credit Card swiping, i am set up fine for doing on site sales.  I wish i made enough money to afford an ipad and an online quickbooks account.   It would have to be an Ipad I can’t read this Iphone screen too well as it is.


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