photoshop I told myself i would blog more…. i am trying to stay off facebook…i think i am expending all my creativity there – or maybe just blunting it as there is lots of stupid in the universe….lets see how long this lasts.

I admit I am not the most adept person with photoshop ever..this portrait was probably outside of my wheelhouse… i am more in the adjust contrast, remove dust motes and color correction camp. But I didn’t have a decent image of this late gentleman (town historian Ernie Mack) to add to a reprint of his book on the town. it was just a pamphlet from 1976 but the folks in the town treasure it, so i have permission to do a reprint. I will work out the hard bits later, it is one of three reprints I am doing where I don’t own the rights. But they are all going to be vended at an establishment that DOES own the rights, so i’m putting my back into them just like any other book.

IMHO minimal skills with photoshop elements is a must for anyone screwing around on the internet. I got my 1st photoshop years ago but for the last few years I have been using a version of their photoshop LITE…Elements..which was well worth the money… considering i got it free with my Epson Scanner, i think i made out like a bandit. I wish I was more adept at Photoshop or Creative Suite or whatever the hell Adobe is calling it these days.. But like all my other talents, I only learn how to do something by tasking a project on that forces me to learn it. And unless there is an actual outcome I just can’t sit and screw around with something…i’m just not that creative. My brain likes to say…”lets see if i can DO THIS.” and then reverse engineers the results. I wanted a nice black and white image of Ernie for the into of the book, and I got one… I am not sure the color version will look as good on the back of the book, but I can reduce it and frame it and make up for my sins. Until i got the original with the Capt in the background, all the shots we had were terribly low resolution. This will at least give the historians in town an image to slap on websites and such.


The next thing I want to buy if i EVER GET MONEY AGAIN that doesn’t have a predisposed destination.. is this new toy from the folks at lomo. It is a SMart Phone negative scanner.. I like shooting film..but i have stopped because it’s a pain in the ass to scan every negative with the large scanner just to get the 2 or 3 that i want to play with in Photoshop. My plan is to scan the negs with this puppy and then ONLY rescan the GOOD images with the PhotoScanner thus allowing me to get the pleasures of film and the power of Photoshop digital image handling. I can’t explain why I still like shooting film..perhaps it is because i buy shitty digital cameras and have never learned them well enough to produce the same images I can with film. perhaps it is just because I piss my money away on goofy toys like this instead of investing a much higher end camera that I will be afraid to break.

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