Picking up Bandit Signs

i hadn’t intended to make another video, but i discovered two more signs where i thought i had gotten them all…in fact i was in a different town yesterday and it was all i could do not to stop and remove theirs as well. it’s slightly addictive. These are all signs that don’t take much trouble. the zip ties much be cut so a weapon is nice to have.

While i was loading them on Youtube…by the way the video editor on youtube is extremely basic…but a hell of a life saver. i uploaded 5 snippets and used it to stick them together. So if it’s a simple video, it works awesome. Anyway….i added a bunch of tags and if you put in ‘bandit sign removal’ they come up immediately. however don’t search for ‘bandit sign’ or bandit signs – you will get a face full of HOW TO INSTALL THEM, and nearly NONE on how to remove them.

So far i found a couple of news features on towns doing the removing and two other people who recorded themselves removing them.

One in Philadelphia…the guy who can be blamed for inspiring me to start doing this.

And one in Austin who has quite a number of videos….and he even invented his own term for it….sign sharking.

Basically your weapons would be a pair of wire cutters for zip ties and an ice scraper for those on poles…but more on that later, i do those quite often and i will shoot video next time.

I picked these $11 stanley SNIPS instead of wire cutters because you need to get under the zip tie yet if you used scissors you wouldn’t have a good cutting blade.

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