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Dear Heritage Foods USA Supporter,

The years go by but many things stay the same. Here is an excerpt from the first chapter of Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder talking about a pig Pa had just slaughtered:

When it was cool they took it down and cut it up. There were hams and shoulders, side meat and spare-ribs and belly. There was the heart and the liver and tongue, and the head to be made into headcheese, and the dish-pan full of bits to be made into sausage He was blowing up the bladder. It made a little white balloon, and he tied the end tight with a string and gave it to Laura and Mary to play with, but even better fun than the balloon was the pig’s tail.

Pa skinned it for them carefully, and into the large end he trust a sharpened stick. Ma opened the front of the cookstove and raked hot coals out into the iron hearth. Then Laura and Mary took turns holding the pig’s tail over the coals.

It sizzled and fried, and drops of fat dripped off it and blazed the coals.

Ma sprinkled it with salt. Their hands and their faces got very hot, and Laura burned her finger, but she was so excited she did not care. Roasting the pig’s tail was such fun that it was hard to play fair, taking turns.

At last it was done. It was nicely browned all over, and how good it smelled. They carried it into the yard to cool it, and even before it was cool enough they began tasting it and burned their tongues.

They ate every little bit of meat off the bones, and they gave the bones to Jack. And that was the end of the pig’s tail. There would not be another one till next year.Today we feature pig’s tail, in 5lbs packages. The tail has become a favorite for chefs around the country. For a recipe we are lucky to have one from our friend Chef Damon of NYC’s Craft Restaurant. Damon loves pig tails and recommends the following steps for a delicious dish that you will not soon forget:

Rub the tail in Dijon mustard, Dredge in flour, Take 12 eggs, scramble with fork or whisk, dip tails into mixture Dip into seasoned bread crumbs Deep fry in hot olive oil until golden brown Sprinkle with salt, let cool and eat!

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