pin money

I went a little pin crazy last week. I had seen this pin at the antique show, well not THIS exact pin but one very much like it, a couple of weeks ago, and i didn’t buy it. But remember the old bookselling adage “You don’t regret the books you buy as much as the ones you don’t”? well it works for everything else too. Of course I didn’t buy it for a few reasons.. mostly it was overprice and i only had $20 bucks to spend. But of course I kept thinking about it afterwards and went out looking for it on the internet. Turns out the going rate for the pin in question is less than 10 bucks. Fair what do you think i did? Keep in mind that to me that is NOT a halloween design, that’s basically a cat image I see quite often so i would readily wear it 365 days a year. Well so far i have bought 4 of them which means i have spent a lot more than the original $35 price tag i turned my nose up at. The pewter colored one is now permanently attached to one of my jackets, and the black one I gave to one friend for her Halloween timed birthday. I just happened to order another black one for myself and an extra one for a different friend who went mental at the sight of mine. So in the end i didn’t save any money at all but not buying it when i saw it, but i did manage to bring a couple of smiles into the world. cheers.

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