plagiarism is a ten letter word

naughty naughty • In an editors’ note in tomorrow’s edition of The New York Times Book Review, the paper states that it regrets publishing a recent essay with certain resemblances to passages in someone else’s essay that appeared in the Book Review on March 4, called “Confessions of a Book Abuser,” by Ben Schott. The Times said that readers had pointed out “a number of resemblances” between it and “Never Do That to a Book,” an essay on the same subject by Anne Fadiman that appeared in her 1998 book “Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader.” Schott denies reading the earlier essay before he wrote his piece – yeah that’s what Kaavya Viswanathan said. btw has anyone SEEN one of Ben Schott’s books? it’s a collection of stuff by other people..can they really be that surprised? [via Editor and Publisher to which you will notice serious similarities to my above scribbles]

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