planning ahead

photo (4)On the bright side the Census is swearing me in next week. you never know what’s gonna happen when you let the government root around in your shit. That kicks in just about the time the Subbing is winding down…actually that’s thin on the ground..they called me once in two check two weeks from now will be threadbare. I have a few things that really need investing in..aside from the usual suspects. I really want to hire someone to reboot slick and efficient…and i really need to get even with the kid in India who was doing some data entry for me…and hire him to do a lot more. I have a number of books i want to add to my dance card and i am certain that this is the way to go. In fact Mocha Dick has only been available to order for a few days I already sold a copy. Hey…..5 bucks is 5 bucks right.

Still poking at my 2013 resolution… today I put in 11 quarts of aseptic packaged milk into the pantry. I keep trying to do that ‘coupon’ thing but it’s just not in my nature to be that greedy. I am predicting that i spend the next few months packing the pantry, paying some bulls and putting out some books…so that the 6 months after that won’t be as painful as the last 6 months…i hope the universe hears that plan and doesn’t punish me for it.



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