Play god day – (hell, i play god every day.)

1728 – Thomas Warton is born Basingstoke, Hampshire., poet laureate from 1785, writes the first history of English poetry.
1854 – New York City’s Astor Library (the New York Public Library) opens.
1875 – Algernon Charles Swinburne refers to Nathaniel Hawthorne as “the half man of genius who never could carry out an idea or work it through to the full result.”
1890 – Karel Capek, is born, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary, short-story writer, playwright, essayist, coined the word “robot” in his play R.U.R.
1908 – Simone de Beauvoir is born, French philosopher.
1915 – Author & petty thief Herbert Huncke is born, Greenfield, Massachusetts. Drifter & small-time thief. Kerouac wrote adoringly of him in On The Road, & Allen Ginsberg shared his apartment with him, even though he realized Huncke & his junkie friends were storing stolen goods there.
1922 – Ernest Hemingway & his wife Hadley move into the apartment at 74 rue Cardinal Lemoine, Paris.
1924 – Virginia Woolf & her husband Leonard Woolf move to 52 Tavistock Place in Bloomsbury Square, near the British Museum.
1928 – Eugene O’Neil’s Marco Millions opens at the Guild Theater in NYC.
1928 – Judith Krantz is born NYC
1972 – Reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes held a telephone news conference denouncing Clifford Irvings’ biography as a fake.

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