playing house

I am going to pretend to move. It’s the only way I can think of, to get rid of all the shite that I have collected all these years. I keep fiddling here and there with various cluttered corners, but cleaning and organizing is just a way to arrange stuff nicely so you can rationalize keeping it a bit longer. Like anyone with half a brain I have too many books and not enough, at the same time though if it were just piles of books that were weighing me down, I wouldn’t feel so compelled to divest. It’s all the other stuff: the reams of resume paper, serial cables, asparagus steamers, unopened playing cards, oil lanterns, hand knitted mittens. I need to pare stuff down to a dull roar, before I A. go mad or B. die, and I think A is pretty much a given.

This summer Time ran an interesting piece on a fella who pared his life down to 100 things.”The 100 Thing Challenge, a grass-roots movement in which otherwise seemingly normal folks are pledging to whittle down their possessions to a mere 100 items” Though I envy a weigh free lifestyle, I can’t wrap my brain around the possibility. Does that include books? media? pens, pencils? biscuit tins? I probably have more than 100 items in my bag right now.

Speaking of envy, for the last 30+ I have been spent long lesiurely hours looking at Tiny Houses; i have lusted after them all, everything from a travel trailer to a shepherd’s hut, a shiping container to a Craftsman bungalo. But alas I would have to run away from home stark naked to free myself from my effects.

But i have to do SOMETHING, and soon, I just spent 2 days looking for the extra laptop cables, so i can upload the pictures of the new fish. This one is denim blue, no kidding, he’s a half moon betta, so i named him Keith. I really had to replace the fish, the cats spent hours starring into the empty tank looking for it.

The only conclusion I can come to is that I have to move. You know that great feeling you get from moving, when you take JUST what you can’t do without, when you can truly give, save and throw with abandoned. That’s what I need. But since I can’t move, I will need to pretend to move. How’s that sound? hey, work with me, I am making this up as I go. But do i have to actually BOX everything or can i pretend to box everything? I think my idea has merit but needs more work.

Thank crikey for freecycle, I don’t have the stomach for a yard sale every week. Anyone need a lap quilting frame?

BTW: Herself finally got her own room, and I have been trying to bring her personal stuff, clothes and furniture that fit with her new pared down lifestyle. And Himself in his infinite stupidity, simply brought her the contents of her closet. Now a woman who goes out once a month, has 6 winter coats taking up half the available space, leaving no room for more practical items. And she won’t part with any of her coats, they are all her ‘good’ coats. Maybe i can sew them together and make a lap quilt out of them.

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