playing with cards

I ordered my 1st card… that wasn’t coming to myself. I had a meeting with a local muckity muck that i want to stay in good with. His office happens to have THIS view from one my better photos. So, I went to and ordered a thank-you-for-the-meeting-card-hope-we-can-do-it-again-sometime card using this image. It was SO worth the $2.99.

On another front, the card finally arrived..better late than never. It took 12 days and cost $2.24…i am not over the moon about the obverse graphics. But on the whole the post card quality was good. I think I may try’s postcard and then i will have several to compare. Each site has its strength and i think Click2mail’s is with BULK mailing, sending 1 card isn’t their bag. wherease Cardstore is a little more personalized.

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