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The business card hasn’t really changed since the 17th century, for the most part it is still 3.5″ × 2″ slightly larger in elsewhere. Sometimes they are the first and perhaps only impression of you and your business that a potential customer ever sees. Its function is not just to convey information, it should reflect the professional standards of your business. I have this canned speech I give anyone I corner that homemade business cards are NOT acceptable for booksellers – unless of course you are starting a Metallica fanzine in your mom’s basement. (and believe me, people who handle paper and ink all day CAN tell the difference)

If you are cutting corners, THIS is not an area where you should scrimp. But you needn’t spend more than is needed, a simple elegant thermographic (raised lettering) card shouldn’t cost more than 29-35 bucks per thousand. To avoid having to reprint very often, get your own domain/email, it also makes a much more professional impression than .aol, .hotmail, .gmail – even if you can’t afford to host your own site, buy a domain anyway, and have it forwarded it to you @ hotmail, gmail, aol. There are plenty of online printing services where you can make cards even cheaper than the real world. I have no opinion on the printing website sluglines appearing on the card back. As odd and intrusive as it seems, it is probably unavoidable and the wave of the future that everything will have a sponsor logo on it, and if it gets you half off, what the hell.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can bring up what I wanted to blog about – while screwing around with my Flickr account, I stumbled upon a trendy new item called a Moo Card. I am not sure how widely they have caught on, probably still only with the messenger bag, wi-fi set. I ordered up a test box and was surprised at the quality. A Moo Card is approximately 2¾”x1″ (about half the size of business card) and made of thick coated card stock. Printed with images from your Flickr account up to 100 images on 100 cards or even just 1 image. The obverse carries up to 6 lines of text. The images are as good as the ones in your account, I was worried as most of mine are low resolution for internet sharing, but even those came out nicely. They cost $19.00 for 100 cards with shipping from the UK total is $24.00 (and they take paypal) BTW I calculated the time and effort to make this at home and couldn’t beat the 20 bucks,

I found them delightful, my only problem is that I don’t want to give them away.

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