Still redusting bookcases in between larger decluttering….i really don’t understand the physics here…where DOES this stuff come from?  Just how did i end up with 9 train cases? not 2 or 3 but NINE?  granted i was using a couple of them for storage…lens…devices, hiding half finished projects..but seriously i don’t actually remember buying any of these. Most likely I didn’t, i probably acquire a couple of them for free and just put them in the dark to multiply…like everything else i own. I just loaned them out to a non profit group for some sort of party decorations…if i am lucky they will lose them.

While poking around the bookcase abutting the train cases, I started reading one of the many books i own and haven’t read yet. Tim Moore’s Do Not Pass Go, his loveletter to the hours time sucked playing endless rounds of Monopoly with his siblings. In this ‘travel’ book he visits all the places on the UK monopoly board.

Also on that shelf, are a couple of books by Philip E. Orbanes Monopoly: The World’s Most Famous Game–And How It Got That Way and The Game Makers: The Story of Parker Brothers, from Tiddledy Winks to Trivial Pursuit Which I read eons ago.. board games were never a huge part of my childhood which actually made these more interesting to read.

On the other hand I did a LOT of crosswords and jigsaws which yielded Crossword Obsession: The History And Lore of the World’s Most Popular Pastime by Coral Amende and The Jigsaw Puzzle : Piecing Together a History by Anne D. Williams. Both were fascinating reads, Obsession for its social history aspect and Jigsaw was quite valuable vintage puzzle shopping info.

Scrolling very far back on the shelf…are Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.i.t. Students Who Took Vegas by Ben Mezrich and Eudaemonic Pie: The Bizarre True Story of How a Band of Physicists & Computer Wizards took on Las Vegas by Thomas Bass….neither of which are particularly useful for ‘get rich quick’ schemes…but lovely reads for practical application of theoretical math. Yes there was a time when I was a geek.

The most recent addition to the shelf was Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, and Obsession in the World of Competitive ScrabblePlayers by Stefan Fatsis which is well worth reading…his A Few Seconds of Panic: A 5-Foot-8, 170-Pound, 43-Year-Old Sportswriter Plays in the NFL is also worth the read if you are a fan of the original Plympton Paper Tiger.

I can also recommend Rick Reilly’s Who’s Your Caddy?: Looping for the Great, Near Great, and Reprobates of Golf . I remember that i liked it…but i can’t quite remember WHY I read it…i am not fond of golf…but you put something on a dollar table and the damn book takes on a completely different appeal. That’s probably how I got a LOT of this stuff…unless of course you buy 2 and put them in the dark.

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