one of the things i like to collect…and for god knows WHAT REASON are games. not a lot of games..just cool ones I can afford.

Cheapass games
aren’t particulary great games…they are just fun. they are fun to read and i think their business model is hysterical. their products are cheap and clever. Kill Dr Lucky is my favorite…i’m very good at it or at least I was….i don’t have anyone to play with. There’s a gaming group that meets once a week..but it’s 30 miles away and I just can’t handle that drive at night. The zombie is from Give me the Brain and Lord of the Fries. which have tremendous art work.

I am also fond of card games, Coloretto, Mama Mia Franks Zoo..etc.. less expensive games. If you haven’t visited a game shop in a lot time you are missing something.. The ‘german’ type games are nothing like the simple repetative american style board games. They are indeed more expensive but they are worth it…if you have people who want to play. Boardgame Geek is a great place to research games you MIGHT like if you are blind buying them.

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