pocket listing my ass

boxesYesterday was a very helpful day…..i got called by the Broker whom i hadn’t heard from in weeks and weeks..and she was adamant i needed a lawyer right away…duh… she is convinced my brother and HIS broker are doing a deal called a pocket listing where they sell short and the broker buys the house.  NOT good for those of us who need the best price.   And as soon as I hung up from the broker, Lawyer #11 called me back and both the lawyer and the broker are meeting with me Monday morning HERE at the house.    You know where my brain went….holy fuck i need to clean this place, like real people they will expect to come inside.

I have already been doing that anyway, the apartment is being slowly packed up or thrown away so it doesn’t look like a ‘home’ it looks like a work room with a bedroom attached…i’m getting to a point where there are things i can’t sort and restort unless they are going into an actual box and i can’t actually put them into a box JUST YET.

In celebration for having such a good day I went out with the other animal rescue workers and i learned something new …i can no longer drink and eat dinner in a restaurant like everyone else.  Apparently American restaurants do this thing where they make you linger and ply you with drinks and then when they finally bring you your food they rush you through it.  So you drink more, eat faster and end up with a headache and a stomach ache sitting in  your car wondering if you can drive home yet.

The indigestion and hangover lasted until the wee hours of the morning…i ended up sitting up in bed wrapped in a feather bed watching youtube videos.   Not that it’s all bad, but the cold is starting to creep into the apartment from the outside.  Once the place is the same temp as the outside life is going to get really shitty.  I will bring up the utilities with lawyer #11 on Monday, it would only take 1 phone call for my evil brother to have the heat turned on in here.   I can certainly pay the outstanding bill when the house sells.

Someone was  supposed to come by and make an offer on the trailer, but  divine intervention struck, she got in a car accident.   She’s fine, her car’s not.  Here i am sat here all day with my thumb up my ass.   No other appointments to see it are booked.   I will probably have to list it on the national sites which will take longer and not get it sold through word of mouth.

I spent the entire day just fiddling around the place trying not to have a panic attack…HIMSELF was working in the basement and I of course was hiding in my house…the extension for the second  mortgage expires next week…and he STILL hasn’t told me about ANY arrangements he has made!  I hate to say it but after 50 years I know my brother….and i suspect he will wait until the DAY before it expires to present me with the backroom deal he has hammered out to sell the house to the lowest bidder, then he has me over a barrel, if i don’t sign we could lose the entire thing because of that measly fucking second mortgage.   I don’t even know if Lawyer #11 can help me if he plays that passive aggressive manipulative bullshit.  All i keep thinking is that OTHER people are making decisions FOR me and manipulating ME into doing what is NOT in my best interest.  I may actually have to sue them for bargaining in bad faith…and then we lose the house because of the 2nd mortgage.   THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET MORONS DRIVE THE BUS!

Sales are nil.  my work is dead, i haven’t had enough money to restock any of the local interest books in the local farm store  This isn’t rock bottom but i can see it with my glasses on.

I paid $4 for a soldering iron and $8 for a practice soldering kit…i’m gonna go burn something.

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