pod people

I haven’t been into downloading podcasts…streaming yes..but not downloading so much. No Ipod me, i don’t live my life with a soundtrack….it tends to drown out the voices. But i was cruising WOOT.com coincidentally on a day when i had a positive balance, and bought a Sansa Fuze for about half of its normal price. I figured since I have a phone that is just a phone, perhaps a little media player might be useful. (it’s getting a lot of use at the laundromat) It is about the size of a couple of stacked graham crackers and unlike an mp3 player it has a screen for videos and photographs. So far I am quite happy with this little bugger – I have my favorite Youtube videos, and pictures of all my ‘kids’ and my best photographs to whip out and show people (the screen is only 2″ x 1.5″ so I have to like you a LOT to do this) Today I downloaded the casts of On the Media and Studio 360 to catch up on…i wonder how long it will take me to lose this thing?

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