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 When i got my iphone last year i acquired some new addictions, one of them is podcasts. Finally after 50 years I finally have a constant stream of voices in my head that aren’t my own. When i was a kid i would curl up at night with a radio under my pillow not tuned to music, but tuned to voices usually from far away sometimes not even in english – once i got a shortwave radio i was in heaven. I was also a huge fan of comedy albums..once i got a drivers license and i discovered second hand stores, I acquired hundreds of them.

When i discovered CD audiobooks, I started consuming them at a ridiculous rate and when i find ones i like the Bill Bryson’s or David Sedaris, I will just flat out buy them and relisten to them at least once a year, so i definitely get my money’s worth out of them.

NPR has followed me around through most of my life, from home to car to office and back again. In the last few years the political climate has made listening to a constant news stream unbearable, all it does is raise my blood pressure. I started getting my NEWS off the internet and turn to NPR for cultural streaming. But Podcasts…neat little canned doses of conversation to keep my little grey cells from eating each other.

After randomly groping around like a blind man i would taste test dozens of podcasts, finding that like anything else 90% of them are shit. A lot of Morning Radio Wannabees and Two drunk guys in moms basement bitching about George Lucas, and odd assortment of assclowns.

But the 10% worth wasting hours of my life upon are REALLY good. I may have mentioned a few before…Mark Maron’s WTF podcast – confessional monologues followed by fascinating interviews of creative people, Greg Proops ‘Smartest man in the World’ – less confessional more profession (as in to ‘profess’) monologues, reminiscent of people like Alexander King and Jack Douglas..the semi famous people who used to sit on Johnny Carson’s couch and make him pee his pants. Aside from them there’s an odd assortment of funny media related podcasts i listen to that are there just there to tide me over until those guys have new shows.

But the newest guy in my head is Mike Schmidt, the Forty Year Old Boy podcast, Mike’s podcast are very long confessional style…i mean it..3 hours is the average length..and i am in the camp where longer is better. Every Thursday he comes out with a new episode that i squirrel aside specifically to accompany some dumb shit thing that i have to work on like editing or transcription…and sometimes i will listen to it twice.

Mike’s (mike, in can call him mike now) very casual about his fans and his interaction with them…So, i wrote a little fan email and he sent me a gift…he sent me all the episodes from last year which sells for about $25..being broke that’s a pretty damn good gift. I could send him the money..but that means i have to take it from somewhere else…So i’m gonna do what i can do. I’m gonna put an add on my sidebar.

These podcasts are all free to hear when they are current folks. and You don’t need a smartphone app, you can just subscribe to an rss feed or download from a website. If you need more voices in your head to drown out the ones you have now, try them.

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