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What the F is a podcast? it’s a trendy word for an audiofile, there are finer details about subscription and content updates, but basically you can listen to it online, have it sent to you or download it into device like an ipod, mp3 player, etc for consumption later.

These days most booksellers spend hours sitting in one spot staring blindly at a glowing screen, so anything that goes in through the EAR that’s not insipid is GOOD. NPR, talk radio, audio books, classical music, we use them all – But sometimes we run out. Almost any radio station worth their salt has streaming audio, so you can listen to stations from around the world, if you take the time to track down the ones you like. This morning I found a cache of podcasts, lurking on the NPR site: of course I only cared about the book related ones.

KUOW’s The Beat: Book Reviews KUOW
Between The Lines WABE
WPSU Bookmarks – The Book Review Show WPSU
NPR: Books NPR
KCRW’s Bookworm KCRW
WPLN’s The Fine Print WPLN
KCRW’s Overbooked KCRW

My next question was HOW to I avoid having to log into each and every one of those sites every time? I don’t have iTunes, an iPod or an i anything. So I read through NPR’s Podcast subsciption Help. And yes I was still confused. I did recognize this so I clicked it and added each of them to my Yahoo Account something I NEVER use.

To check all the things you want keep an eye on all on one place you need an aggregator. Some people use them for RSS feeds, for news orgs, or blogs or any website. Yahoo is basically a HUGE aggregator. So after I closed all the little windows with People Magazine feeds and top news items, I was left with my podcast selections. Yahoo will collect up the podcasts and keep them in this tidy list for me to listen to whenever. What I noticed is that it didn’t have podcasts previous for my subscription.

I also tried a free audio aggregator: Odeo, which was more complicated to set up, but it did have lots of yummy ‘back issues” and I didn’t have to wade through Yahoo to find what I want. (i’m a big believe in one tool for one job)I actually prefer it now that I got the hang of it. When you see you will get an html direct link to the podcast, you can then copy and paste it into whatever tool/aggregator you want to use. Signing into Odeo which was grotesquely easy, I then clicked create: import audio which gave me a place to paste the podcast URL. In the case of these audio feeds, they are already in the database so I got a notice that it already exists and a link to add it to my subscriptions. I found their tag index, where more bookish podcasts are lurking.

So now I am listening to John Lahr talk about Honky Tonk Parade: The New Yorker Profiles on KCRW’s Bookworm from February 23, 2006.

If I have screwed up these directions, please email me and I will clarify them.

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