Pointless Pursuit: My Year of Picaresque Personal Ads

POINTLESS PURSUIT: MY YEAR OF PICARESQUE PERSONAL ADS is a first book by author C. W. Shain, now available in paperback and digital editions.

A petty act of revenge in the form of a droll online personal ad generated appreciative fan mail, turning the author’s head, and leading to this, an embarkation on a year-long project of writing and posting story-style “personals” on Cragislist. Readers have described these vignettes (with admiration) as byzantine, ridiculously obscure, and slapstick. A true parody of the genre, filled with historical trivia and tinted by a nostalgia for the past, this folie a deux of fiction and fact mixed up to surrealist proportions will leave you breathless and bewildered, but happy to have been along for the ride.


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