points and lines

I am outting my new project…i am deep enough into it to know there is no danger of anyone else stealing the idea..it’s too fucking complex for a sane person to take on. I am working on a Directory of NH Rail Trails, your brain..even my brain said..well all that information is on the internet right? well sort of kinda of almost.. It’s taken me about 30 hours to collate just a LIST..just a list mind you of municipalities containing trail segments, that’s not even collating all the start and end points, parking, access and trail advocate contact info..so as you can see, i’m not worried that someone will beat me to it. Most of my contacts inside the universe of NH Rail Trails are waiting patiently for me to finish my work. Everyone has SOME information, and the information floating around the internet is derivative from an incomplete database. Lucky for everyone involved my boss is paying me to do it. It started with a week of brain work trying to wrap my head around how the data set should be collected , sorted and then formatted. I can now see it in my head, and I’m pretty right with it. Now I can hear you say aren’t OFFline references outdated? well perhaps…so this reference work will be available in a few different e-versions, Kindle, Epub, PDF etc and a POD paper version that will be updated constantly. i’m haven’t gotten right with the idea of making it an active online website..just yet because then it will suffer the same fate as the ones already online, derivative extracts will be stolen and replicated all over the net but because they are not being constantly updated they will all contain varying amounts of inaccurate data. As it stands I still need to work out how a map will be integrated with my directory. Baby steps. First define the scope of the data, collate and produce what i have, then wait for everyone to send me corrections and call me an idiot. so far so good.

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