pokey puppy

OOPS…i forgot it was …I certainly remembered it was American Orgy of Capitalism Day, so I worked a little and then spent the rest of the day watching Julia Child French Chef episodes from 1971…..it occurred to me while I watched…that like a large portion of my generation…I also learned to cook from Miss Julia….at least I learned a LOT about treating food with respect: knife work, mirepoix, omelete, whipping egg whites, whipping cream, sweating onions, folding things, bouquet garni….lots of stuff that just embedded itself i my brain as a child…now if Julia Child had been piping things like math and algebra into my head, it may have adhered. I must be trying to consum as much Amazon Prime Streaming as possible in the last few days of my subscription…it is doubtful that i will pay $79 for 2013….it would be nice, but unless i am finding normal shipping fees prohibitive, it won’t be happening.

Back to the pokey object, i bought. Along with the stuff I learned from Julia in my childhood…i learned a lot of self sufficiency stuff in my youth…most of it from an old friend of mine..a lot of it from the books and magazines that were popular in the 70s…And this subject came up at table yesterday…some of the folks from Thanksgiving dinner were rather crunchy back to the soil folk, so we have a similar base of knowledge to bat about while peeling things.  My brain solved one of their problems about setting up a community farming project… Roll up walkways..wooden slats on a nylon web strips, you roll it up at plowing time and lay it out when it’s time to plant.

I am trying to get to the pokey thing pictured…..I am taking a stab at doing small loads of laundry inside my apartment, and I have an idea for a ‘washing machine’  unit, made from a 5 gallon bucket, traditionally you install a dasher thing and stand over it plungering your clothes like you are churning butter…now i don’t want to do the laundry THAT badly.  If i wanted to do that much work, i’d put the underwear and socks in with everything else and haul it to the basement on the other side of the building..which in the dead of winter isn’t attractive option…yeah i know other people have it worse…. anyway… I LIKE inventing things….

yes i am GETTING to the pokey thing!   I have an empty 5 gallon bucket with a gamma lid kicking around the kitchen right now…i was going to use it for dry cat food, but i already have a bucket for that…so it’s sitting there.  and i figure the gamma lid is perfect for a leak proof washing machine… I have yet to find the Gamma lids leak proof but i think i am not tightening the lids enough…. and if i put small clothes items in it, there is no reason i can’t slosh it all around for a while….even if i just roll it around on the floor… but it would work BETTER with an agitator inside.  …. what i had in mind for an agitator was something made of hard rubber but would fit inside the bucket without interfering with the clothes sloshing around.  so what is made of Hard rubber?   DOG TOYS…

SEE? I told you I’d get to the pokey thing.  I had been flipping through the internet looking for the Agitator of my dreams…i wanted it to look like the everlasting gobstopper – round with arms to poke with.  That’s a 4″ Star shaped dog toy teeth thingy… $7.56 which i had put into my basket and clicked to purchase …just when i remembered that it was BUY NOTHING day..   Does it count if it is something you were going to buy anyway?


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