popping on some wheels.

2013-12-09 11.02.23

While we were looking for large pieces of wood up in the carriage house,  in order to settle the trailer on its trailer for its ride home, i found exactly the right kind of wood i wanted to make the dollies that i wanted to put the boxes of books on them as i wanted. I spent some time this weekend thinking i would buy a cordless handsaw for myself so i can build these dollies. But then while i was cleaning out stuff in the basement i found small oaken indestructible pallets, not exactly the size i would have built, but already made and infinitely heavier. In the end I just bought a box of wheels. Wheels and castors are one of the great secrets to living alone. Anything that touches the floor gets wheels, cedar chest, reading chair, wardrobe, even the trunks on the porch. I threw wheels on the oak pallets and some on the gigantic hold-a-body size trunk. (can’t use the trunk yet, it needs to be deodorized) Small problems solved with minimal effort.  I like it.

2013-12-09 11.02.13

Meanwhile I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Apparently Himself has started changing the apartment locksets and not leaving keys with me. In the freezing cold this morning the little girl in #6 locked herself out and i couldn’t help her. She called Himself who has been here all morning puttering around, and stressing me out. I told his Lawyer that he was NOT to be here whenever they sent the  minion with the paperwork i don’t want to sign. If that happens all at the same time, i will call a cruiser as I warned them I would. Not much a cruiser can do in this instance, but i’d like a witness considering i am signing under duress. People gotta know by now that i have no fear of embarrassment left. Remarkable how many people are insisting that none of this is possible. i want a nickle for all of my friends who say ‘but they can’t DO that!’ and yet here we are – i am signing documents i do not fully understand without legal representation. Welcome to the jungle…we got wheels.

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