post script – Santa baby

Dear Santa Claus:

Earlier in the season, I wrote to you with Christmas wishes. Thank you one
and all for the good stuff.

1. Intelligent conversation — it’s rare, but appreciated.

2. Good books. So I had to whack some of them down myself. Who cares?

3. Warm weather. There’s warm weather here. Now can I wear my shorts and sandals?

4. A great movie. Benjamin Button came as a great and pleasant surprise.

5. Someone to count inventory New Year’s Day will be me. I think I’ll still find that two-hour brunch.

6. The New York Times can be read on Internet. I thought it could be purchased locally, but no such luck. I wonder what it takes to order it?

7. There were several great presents: a beautiful, whimsical, silk scarf in one-size-fits-all, practical post-it notes which I always need, and a great

8. Marvelous chocolate was in the refrigerator, and more came for the big day.

9. Great presents may come, great presents may go, but the spam goes on forever.

10. I understand that Rudolph is not available for deliveries to the post office. I sang about him at least twice yesterday and hope he, the other reindeer, the stressed-out elves, and you and your spouse have recovered
fully from the big day.

Lunch calls.
Lynn Wienck
The Chisholm Trail Bookstore

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