The postagram card came in the mail…it was a smidgen worse for wear…the 3″ x 3″ snap shot was a little pre punched out of it’s surrounding card…though i STILL had to use scissors to free it completely. But for .99 it seems to be a good purchase, especially if one was ACTUALLY sending a nice little snapshot with a happy message on the back to a friend. to do it otherwise would mean a trip to a kodak photo printing kiosk in a store like CVS or walmart then having to actually WRITE On the back and attach an actual STAMP to it and putting it in a mailbox…and that’s just too much trouble to merely bring a smile to someone’s face.

My next test will be to add an OLD non Iphone photo to a card…if you don’t care for using Itunes to get your files into your iphone, you can just attach the photo in question to an email to yourself and SAVE it to your Images, then you can use it like the phone generated images.



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