Potheads gather on 4/20 every year to celebrate marijuana.

from NPR • Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews The Poem That Changed America: ‘Howl’ Fifty Years Later, a collection of essays by writers about their first encounters with the famous poem by Allen Ginsberg.

idito alert • Massachusetts Parents Upset Second-Grade Book Focuses On 2 Gay Menohmigod! you mean gays actually exist? what are we gonna do!!? -oh the horror! what if they want to . . . you know . . . . r e d e c o r a t e! oh wait . . . nevermind. and here I was thinking I lived with grownups.

idiot alert² • Georgia School board to hear request to ban Harry Potter books because they ‘promote witchcraft’. What planet have these guys been on for the last 9 years? oh wait . . . Georgia. . . my bad.

obit worth reading • Arthur Hertzberg at 84, respected Rabbinical Scholar and Author.

event • NJ Word Fest, including Jim Carroll, Robert Festinger, Thomas Kelly, Clay McLeod Chapman, Hazel Rowley, Christopher Sorrentino, Robert Kaplow, Lawrence Paone, Alex Dawson, Jeremy Benson, Chad Anderson, John Richey, Courtney Downing, a member of Writers of Metuchen, plus seven emerging writers.

banktoaster • Win” Schaeffer sent this in – I couldn’t find a book related way to introduce it, but what the hell. – Stewardess Uniform Collection. the internet, home of a billion fetishes.

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