preemptive striking

so it’s not exactly precisely book related, but i found it an eerie glimpse of things to come: one of the top 4 or 5 blogs on the internet has received a preemptive and ridiculously presumptive email from a UK legal firm informing them that ‘they are being watched’ just in case they even thought about streaming any world cup soccer matches. Which is pretty funny when you realize that boingboing would be as likely to do that as they would drive spikes through the soles of their feet.

My mind has extrapolated this incident out and am guessing that in a few minutes, will we be seeing this type of preemptive threat and monitoring as a regular course of action? “I have seen (or not seen as the case may be) your webpage and just in case you do anything that infringes on my rights, property or domain, I just wanted to tell you that I intend to sue you into oblivion. Have a nice day.” Are legal firms that hard up for cases they have to find people who they may have to sue in the future? It seems the higher our civilization seems to aspire, the lower we are willing to go.

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