presents from japan

A fella from France is in japan for the summer and is trading me stationery items for postage stamps. this is todays haul.

presents from japan, originally uploaded by jgodsey.

The origami sets we have here in the US, I never tried before this will be fun.


Now this little notebook is a terrific find. it’s 2.5″ x 4 ” and sewn.

18 leaves of a good weight paper. If i can find good enough paper, it will be nice to try to make them. The Cahier’s from Moleskine are much larger. The other ones this small in the US, are generally made of bad paper.


Now we don’t have anything as decorative as these here.’

they are index tabs, kinda like grade school stickers.

Here are the directions for use. I may add some to my computation books.


Thanks Guillaume!!

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