pretty shiny things


i knocked a big chore off my to do list….cleaning “the cupboard” in the office has been consistently on my to do list for a year or two..actually i think i  have already made a few passes at this closet already.  there was less mess than i expected, it was just dead storage of old projects which is a waste of prime real estate.

i had my eye on that real estate as the next location for my stockpile…that creature had outgrown the original four shelves and was spilling out of the  closet next to it.  while stripping the cupboard down to its base shelves i found my missing jewelry box. i was a little dumbfounded, i have absolutely no memory of hiding it there…but that was totally like me.


of course i ended up with a lot of stuff left over….mostly old books that need selling…my comic and stamp collections etc
..stuff i need to find new homes for.  my apartment is basically a game of musical chairs.

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