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newspapersectino I bought the newspaper twice this week. to be fair i bought it last sunday too but that was for the Excedrin coupons. Newspapers and I have had an on again off again romance. Back in the day when i was married we’d get 3 of 4 delivered everyday and some weeklies free circulars…my home looked like a hampster cage. I had been subbing to the Boston Globe since I had my own money. But alas once my finances started taking a turn for the worse..and this was years ago…newspapers were reclassified as luxury items. Oddly…if i am working enough to afford newspapers i don’t have time to read them…if i have time to read them…i don’t have the monies. I’d been doing alright relying on the internet for everything… god knows 75% the weight of the newspaper is advertisements i don’t need and that includes classifieds, real estate, travel and automotive. But i do miss perusing the damn thing online…the firewall can only be breached by subscription and i that’s a luxury item.
For obvious reasons the paper this week was more of a ritual..and today…coffee, donut, paper… and i don’t even drink coffee. Well, i like it a little….learned a new trick…well a trick i think my mother used to do it… buy the biggest black coffee …pput it on the counter and stretch it.. so an XL black got me three large homemade mochas. After washing down the Excedrins…i think i can pick up satellite radio in my fillings. I flipped through the paper and read a little about a lot and a lot about a couple of things… it’s slower and more cumbersome than scrolling through web pages…and in the end I filled the recycle bin. But I figured i was doing what everyone else was doing…looking for answers, comfort and closure. Didn’t get much of the 1st, some of the second and none of the third. But i did get some cheerios coupons.

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