prius You realize don’t you? that I have spent my portion of the house money, like nine times over already?  is  anyone keeping track? cause this rampant window shopping has reached a ridiculous level,  and my must have list is starting to look like Santa’s list of naughty children.  Everything I think i need is linked to four other things prerequisite things.  Extrapolation when done right can take you nearly anywhere it wants.

And yes that is a Prius, and it really didn’t take me very long to get to that extreme.      I got a little wound up the other night researching and designing the transparent house website.   In fact I didn’t go to bed and had to skip subbing at school the next morning.     Don’t get me wrong it is a wicked clever idea….but it is so way in advance, most likely  two years out and in internet time that’s like a century.   But it was FUN, and unlike picking out futons, every dollar I put into making the house energy efficient i expect to get back.

Speaking of that…. yesterday I called PV² which is the co-op Solar installation company in Greenfield. Unlike the ‘big’ energy company, they were indeed helpful, gave me some PRE-purchase advice  and sent me lots of lovely references. . . an architect for the additions I may have to build on the house I don’t have,  a shed contractor to build the outbuilding in case the house that i don’t have doesn’t have one, and concierge green living broker to look for, advise upon and help me buy the house I don’t have.  For a few minutes there I felt  safe….then i called the concierge broker…who was very charming…but i came away with the distinct impression that I am a little low rent for them.  I mentioned houses I had liked in town and I could hear him give a sommelier volume  SNIFF into the phone. ” Well my customers wouldn’t even look in those neighborhoods. ”  to which  i replied “well fuck you very much, you elitist cunt” …no, actually i said…”you heard me say i’m from Methuen right?”  don’t get me wrong he was still nice…but i am starting to get the feeling i am going down an expensive  Solar rabbit hole here – following folks who made their money and babies and have ELECTED to simplify their lives by buying a new one out of the Pottery barn – folks who choose solar power for their home out of conscience, not penury.   Anything i own from the Pottery barn came right off the Salvation Army’s showroom floor.

Ductless minisplit - both units - Mitsubishi

But I did learn a lot about solar homes in a very short time…the recommended heating and cooling units are japanese, wall mounted, and ridiculously efficient.  Apparently these Mitzubishi minisplits are revolutionary, and I wish i had one of these fuckers for the last 10 years.  In the long run they are well worth the three grand to have them installed.  So now i am into the house I don’t have for a heating and cooling system, which won’t do a bit of good without new efficient windows and extra insulation and so forth and so on.  That damn NOW house project was turnkey…i can see myself  living out of boxes while the house keeps getting ‘improved’.   I can literally feel money draining away from me like blood running out of my veins onto the bathroom floor.

While researching all of these expenses that are supposed to save me money, i found a readable blog called the Up Hill House,… where folks of conscience have built their home to be NET POSITIVE, which for me, is a consummation devoutly to be wished… These folks generated so much electricity on their second year that it behooved them to increase their usage instead of taking the credit from the utility.  Because the utility doesn’t credit them as much as they would have to pay for it.  Hence they bought a hybrid.    It was their story about the hybrid that caused me to turn around and look at one.   I am a truck woman, i haul things.. . but NOT all the time.  And once I move and get settled I may not need the truck as much as I do now,  i may need it more, who knows.   I made a deal with myself, I will buy the 2010 F150 this time around, and in a couple of years sell it and buy the hybrid if the whole solar thing works well.

I had stopped looking at the new listings in Greenfield, it was painful to see houses go off the market that I could have settled for.  But I had to go back and give a second look at the ones I skipped over.   If i have to tear out an old heating system and replace windows and blow in insulation..i can actually LOOK at houses where the hearing system NEEDS to be replaced, and have windows that suck and so forth. Which on one hand cheers me up,  cause i can spend less on the house, on the other hand freaks me out because the place will probably look like shit.

The voices in my head have been having a field day with this tidal surge of information. One of them screaming ‘you can’t possibly afford’ all these expenses!  you don’t make enough money!, you won’t have any left in the bank’  and the other one screams back ‘you can’t afford NOT to spend the money on these things! inside of a year you will be broke again because you will have the same monthly bills you have now, cept they will be larger PLUS taxes, insurance and god knows what! you have to prepare for later!”  Mind you these voices are NOT your classic good angel bad angel voices…neither of my voices are very good, just angry and each much more clever than I am.   It’s like constantly having dinner with divorced parents.    Whenever I throw them a new puzzle they treat it like a chew toy, I listen to them shred it to pieces and until they are done and  its time to sweep up.

I ran out of steam on the clean and toss front.  I’m falling behind on the clean part, i suppose it would be more imminent if the house was being shown.  At this point I have run out of people to beg to take my three feral cats.  well that’s not true, i have asked my friends, now i have a whole host of strangers to ask.  i offered the rescue group five thousand dollars…yes you read that…i offered them enough money to build another room on their sanctuary to take several of my cats.  And to my surprise they said no. Well they said ‘ you don’t have that money yet.’ yeah i fucking know that, but unless i can draw down on my roommates, i won’t be able to DO much about it.  As it is the Concierge broker suggested I rent in greenfield until a house comes up that i want to buy…and when i mentioned i had roommates…he backed away from that idea rather quickly.  I am sure there are more people in the world who WOULD be interested in a piece of the funds I don’t yet have.  I mean if i have to give a chunk to the lawyer, the accountant, the broker here, the broker there, the solar install people, all the bill collectors and so forth, I would rather put a chunk of it towards something that will make me feel better about giving them the boot.



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