Okay so i’m SUPPOSED to be writing this newspaper piece…I did the interviews, i have all the facts..i even have some crappy pictures…but i keep screwing off.

4pm Now it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I’m broiling a steak, throwing some eggplant caponata on some toast and pouring some wine and haven’t written word one on the Art Institute Group of the Merrimack Valley. Big surprise. I did manage to add some wicked lovely pull down menus to the sololife blog, did todays bullpen blog and shopped for some yummy things. I got some imported prosciuto and roasted red papers and artichoke hearts – all headed to top a small pizza.

8pm now it’s 8 o’clock and i am still screwing off……..what the fuck is wrong with me? i’m such a lowlife.

10pm 2 hours later…made and ate the pizza…consumed 2 half pepsis and 1 or was it 2 red bulls…..still haven’t written word one…and now i have to pee.

11pm well i transcribed my notes and now i have 600 words done! granted there isn’t a complete sentence anywhere on the page….but what the hell it’s only a local paper. 400 words to go..perhaps if i insert one in between.

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