i suck at proofing..i have to do it multiple times…i don’t know if it is because i can’t SEE the errant punctuation mark, or i am just a lazy person who can’t be bothered with the details. I am still on track for 12 books ready by June..maybe not just June 1st. not big rush most of this stuff is over 100 years old, it’s not going anywhere.
Every time I try to explain my concept about my project I discover something else I hadn’t planned on…I am now in the middle of transcribing a 1929 local history by a guy who wasn’t a very good writer and I ‘got right’ with the idea that I should clean it up for clarity’s sake. So, i’m using the same part of my brain that I use when I edit live people: “if i have to read a sentence twice to understand it, it needs fixing.” Just because it’s part of the original material doesn’t make it untouchable. The original will still exist in the universe…well some of them…some of the things i have collected for reprinting are original manuscripts, which may very well disappear over time, but since I am trying to create new editions for new readers, it is my responsibility to make sure it can be read.
Still haven’t stopped screwing around with Phelps’ Tenth of January…I added a dozen or so footnotes, a bio of the author..and the local special collections librarian is down with adding a into. But I still need the cooperation of an educator..that I am still trolling for.
But the cover I think I knocked out of the park. I finally found an illustration that suits the cover design but it is also from 1913 so I could appropriate it freely. I did photoshop it a bit to give it the look I wanted, but I think it gives you a good sense of the content without telegraphing the horrific ending to the story.
I spread the proof copies out on my desk and I am really tickled about the ‘LOOK’ of the line. I think it will make a good presentation. Though I finally stopped ordering proof volumes and have started downloading the proof PDFs and sending them to Fedex Office to be printed…$20 and a 10 day wait versus $4 and immediate availability. I just can’t proof properly off a computer screen…i’m old school, I need a piece of paper on a table top with a ruler and a highlighter…other tricks are to go backwards in the text, from index to title page. They say read it outloud, which never works for me, I am already reading it out loud in my head and my eyes just fill in the broken parts.
Another stupid thing is I had to buy more highlighters…I had given away a bag of them doing the great purge..

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